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Innovation & Technology, Deals, Leadership, Women in Tech:

Cydni Keynote

Blue Sky, Unlimited Possibilities

Step into a realm where limitations fade away. Join Cydni as she shares insights from Disney and beyond, highlighting how a 'blue sky mindset' can redefine your life and unlock endless opportunities.

Deals, Bets and Speed

Dive into the entrepreneurial world with Cydni. From Disney Imagineering to developing revolutionary apps, discover how decisions, speed, and strategic bets pave the way to exceptional growth.

Culture Lessons from a Smuggler, Superheros and Sellers

Explore the omnipresence of culture, drawing parallels from the worlds of smugglers, superheroes, and sellers. Delve into how diverse environments weave common cultural threads.

Deal Sense

Deal-making is an art. Learn how honing your 'deal sense', shaped through experiences, can unlock opportunities and redefine success in both personal and professional spheres.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder: The Value of Empathetic Leadership

Discover the power of empathetic leadership in the corporate world. From fostering team unity to enhancing engagement, empathy can be the cornerstone of enduring success.

Art of the Possible: How A Disruptive Mindset Accelerates Opportunity

From an early age, we’re all told to believe deeply in ourselves, but never told how. Cydni dives into the practical components of self-belief, and teaches the art of making all things possible.

Art of the Ask

Mastering the art of asking can be transformative. Whether seeking a promotion or forging a partnership, learn to voice your needs fearlessly and navigate opportunities with confidence.

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